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The Ninth Day of Christmas - Feast of St. Basil the Great

January 2, 2008

St. Basil was Bishop of Caesarea (an area now in eastern Turkey) in the fourth century and is one of the foremost Doctors of the Church, who along with St. Athanasius, is noted as an outstanding defender of Christian orthodoxy during the Arian heresy – a heresy which, among its other errors, denied the Divine […]

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The Second Day of Christmas - St. Stephen's Day

December 26, 2007

St. Stephen was the first martyr in the Church and is the patron saint of deacons. Read more and take 15% off all clergy wear and vestments today. You can also order our Beau Veste alb for 25% off. December 26th only!

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What are the Twelve Days of Christmas?

December 24, 2007

We have posted a brief article explaining them on our main store site. Most Advent and Christmas items are at least 20% off through Epiphany!

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