How to Keep Tabs on Your PPC Marketing Company

July 8, 2010

Over the past five years we have attempted to have an outside company run our Adwords campaigns on three occasions. One of the companies lasted about a year one lasted ten days and the other was in between. Overall I have been disappointed with the performance of all of them and can say that apart […]

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When Customer Service Goes Bad

December 14, 2008

During the past few months our company has had the misfortune of dealing with customer service from four companies that have all proven that customer service is NOT a number one concern (or even on their list) . First, we dealt with tech support from Bizrate / Shopzilla. This company provides product pricing comparison to […]

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The Power of Blogging

April 11, 2008

I just wrote a post on being the exclusive supplier of the forthcoming Parish Book of Chant and then did a Google search to see what was ranking for the phrase. Within fifteen minutes that blog post was on the front page of Google! Now of course this won't happen with everything, especially common topics […]

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Google Adword Landing Page Ranking Isn't Perfect

September 11, 2007

With the launch of our new church goods site, we thought that posting AdWord ads on Google would be a good, quick way to get our name out. We were wrong. The site launched almost a month ago and until last Saturday we were unable to get any ads to run on Google because every […]

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