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Communion Bibles that will Grow with Your Child

May 6, 2011

Should I Give a Grown-Up Bible or a First Communion Gift Bible?   Parents always want to know what kind of Bible is most suitable for children receiving First Communion.  Do you get an abridged Bible that they can read now or an adult translation they can read for years to come?   The answer is […]

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First Communion Special on Holy Card Binders

April 15, 2011

A First Communion Gift Idea You don't Want to Miss   You've probably heard about our exclusive prayer card albums.  They were designed by us and are completely made in the USA.  They are a great way to store all the holy cards that you collect and they make a unique First Communion gift too.   […]

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Vote for our new Blessed Imelda Holy Card model

April 1, 2011

We're having technical difficulties with the poll. We'll have it back up soon.

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How to Assemble a First Communion Banner Kit

March 16, 2011

Our six year old daughter assembled this kit just to make sure that it was really as easy as Illuminated Ink said it would be. Guess what? It is!

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Unique Sacramental Gifts from Aquinas and More

March 16, 2011">Video!

Dear Aquinas and More,   I know that a rosary and missal or Bible are standard gifts for First Communion and Confirmation recipients but what happens when you know those gifts are already being given?   Sincerely, Sacramentally Confused   Dear Sacramentally Confused,   Finding the right gift can be a challenge but we're here […]

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Don't Let First Communion Season Sneak Up On You

March 4, 2011

Yes, First Communions are still six or more weeks away.   But that time will be gone before you know it. We've made our First Communion store even better this year to make it easier for you to use. Here are some of our features:   Articles about choosing a First Communion Bible, what you […]

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Fun First Communion Bible Accessory for Your Daughter

March 30, 2010

We've just started carrying two new Bible cover designs that your daughter is going to love. The first one is a pink furry case  trimmed in Italian vinyl that will go perfectly with all the princess accessories that are so popular. She won't want to put it down.  If your daughter isn't into pink but […]

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How to Choose A First Communion Bible

March 24, 2010

To start off, what is a First Communion Bible? First Communion Bibles come in a variety of formats from a standard full-text Bible to picture Bibles. What sets them apart is a special records section for the First Communicant. This section typically contains a place to record the name, date and location of the First […]

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New First Communion Banner Kits Arriving

March 18, 2010

We told you in a previous post  about how our First Communion Banners are a perfect solution to the banner project you're going to have to complete if you have a son or daughter receiving the Sacrament.  Since that post the selection of available designs has doubled.  We still carry the original banners with a […]

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Making Your First Communion Banner Project Painless

February 26, 2010

As April approaches, our Churches start to take on a curious change. Even the plainest architectural designs are made festive with what has become a common tradition: First Communion Banners. Whatever your feelings are about them, if you have a child in a First Communion program you will probably have to glue something together in […]

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