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Help a Scout with His Eagle Project

August 29, 2008

We had posted this last week but found out that the link ended up broken. If you would like to help, you still can. One of our local boy scouts is building a Marian grotto at a parish for his Eagle Scout Project. If you are interested in donating something to the project, you can […]

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Boy Scout or Gentleman?

May 23, 2008

It seems that the modern world has lost the use of the word gentleman and what it is supposed to mean. When you think of a gentleman, what do you picture in your mind? Do you picture some nice young man holding open a door for the elderly? Or does your mind’s eye take you […]

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Homosexuals Just Want to be Left Alone (Part II)

October 20, 2007

A while back I pointed out that in Britain it was now illegal for private Catholic schools to teach that homosexual behavior was morally wrong. I argued that the homosexual agenda has never been about toleration but about forced acceptance and approval by everyone. Many howls of protest went up that I was making too […]

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