bedtime prayers

Evolution of Bedtime Prayer - Part II

October 16, 2007

Many months of : "I pray that ___ gets over his cancer." More recently: "I pray that ___ has a happy death." Most recently from Susan (3): "I hope that ___ dies."

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The Evolution of Bedtime Prayers

October 14, 2007

Lucy (8): I pray for the conversion of Hugo Chavez. Anne (4) the next week: I pray for that guy who sells oil to be good. Susan (3) a couple of weeks later: I pray for the gas station guy.

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I Thank God For Unanswered Prayers

June 3, 2007

Andrew (5) during prayers tonight: "For my future spouses and vocations." We usually pray for our children's future spouses and vocations. He beat us to the punch this time.

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Does Praying the Rosary with Kids Count?

May 6, 2006

I always imagined that a "family rosary" would be a time of quiet reflection and orderly prayer right before bedtime. Well, it does happen right before bedtime but the rest I don't think has ever been achieved. To start, I should explain that we have six kids. Our oldest turned seven in March. Our youngest […]

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