Family Life

Missing An Old Friend

September 22, 2007

A couple of weeks ago while driving through town I saw my old Mustang at an intersection. It still looked great and I realized that I still miss that car a year and a half after I sold. Someday I'll get another.

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We Have a New Baby

September 20, 2007

Maria Isabel Andrea was born at 10:08 pm at home on the feast of St. Andrew Kim. Mom and baby are both doing fine. Pictures to follow... We have been tossing in names from the Chronicles of Narnia with some of our kids and have the names Lucy, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Caspian scattered around. […]

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What Exactly Would This Look Like?

June 20, 2007

Lucy (8) at breakfast: "You are Mommy's knight in charming armor."

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Entertainment Is...

June 13, 2007

Having your two-year-old volunteer to recite a litany of saints during bedtime prayers. "Sate lizbefannsetin", "Sate thomisquinas" while almost injuring herself as she "sits" on the couch.

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Prayers Needed...

June 9, 2007

My grandmother, "Nana", is in hospice care suffering from congestive heart failure. She is my last living grandparent. Growing up I knew all of my grandparents, a great-grandmother "Grandma Nana" on my Mom's side and a great-grandmother "Grandma Daisy" and great-grandfather "Grandpa Coke" on my Dad's side. I think I was really blessed to be […]

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The Theory of Relativity

June 9, 2007

\( aagh=(10 - zz+\gamma^{Db})/\Omega \) Where: \( aagh \) = the relative level of chaos in your house \( \gamma \) = the number of children making noise \( ^{Db}\) = the decibel level of the children \( zz \) = The number of hours of sleep you really got the night before $$ \Omega […]

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Road Trip!

June 5, 2007

This last week, after two years of saying we were going to do it and a few hours of actual planning, we took the first non-family visiting vacation since we got married (10 years ago). Our new van needed a shakedown so a four day trip to National Parks in the Four Corners area with […]

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One Is the Loneliest Number

June 5, 2007]

I saw this first at the Family Centered Life.

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So What DO You Serve For Dessert on the Feast of the Holy Trinity?

June 4, 2007

Trinity Sundaes, of course. Thank you for the correction, Michele.

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I Love Large, Homeschooling Families

May 31, 2007

If you have absolutely nothing to do for a while, and you feel like getting fired up, I recommend reading the prequel to this post, here. "I Hate Large, Homeschooling Families" is, I think by far, the most read and answered post ever on this blog. I hope Ian doesn't mind my using his title […]

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