Catholic Reading Program

If You Don't Vote, You Can't Complain!

June 15, 2007

Here are the latest voting results for the summer reading program. If you haven't voted, you have until Sunday morning! So what are you waiting for? Vote now.

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A Good Summary of Cosmas, or the Love of God

June 15, 2007

Over at People of the Book. And some information on the author.

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Let People Know!

June 13, 2007

If you are planning on holding a book discussion at your store, parish or other location, you can now enter it at the Summer Reading Site. People can also search for locations in their area. If you haven't voted yet for the three books you want to read this summer, what are you waiting for?

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Summer Reading Interview on EWTN

June 12, 2007

You can listen to the interview here.

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Choose the Official Catholic Books of Summer

June 11, 2007

Don't forget to vote!

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Organize a Summer Reading Group

June 10, 2007

Okay folks, we now have a form on the Catholic Summer Reading site that will let you submit your group's location. Later this week people will be able to search for groups in their vicinity and  see them on a Google map. Once we know what the winning books are, you will be able to […]

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Catholic Summer Reading For Bloggers

June 8, 2007

The summer reading site has been updated with blogging tools. You can now submit a feed if you are planning on discussing the books on your site. Our site will display the last fifty posts. You can also subscribe to an aggregate feed of all the sites involved in the discussion. Have fun!

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Catholic Summer Reading Update

June 7, 2007

If you haven't voted, you have until the 16th. Don't forget to visit the site  to learn more about the program. And bloggers, you can register a blog feed with the site if you plan on discussing the books on your blogs.

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Announcing the Catholic Summer Reading Program

May 29, 2007

For decades, secular bookstores throughout the country have been enormously successful at developing summer reading programs which feature popular and affordable paperbacks that can be easily carried and casually read while on vacation or simply enjoying some “downtime” during the summer months. Now, leading Catholic internet retailer Aquinas and More Catholic Goods has announced […]

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