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Catholic Podcast Recommendation

Got Heresy? Get Spiritual Direction!This morning I was listening to The Catholic Weekend podcast (referred to by the show hosts at SQPN.com as a weekly train wreck). Even though it isn’t a really structured podcast – more of a stream-of-consciousness conversation between 3+ people – they always have fascinating things to share. This week, Sarah Vabulous of Catholicdrinkie.com fame, told us about her New Year’s trip to Rome. She got to go to vespers with the pope and visit Assisi.
I went to Rome for a semester in college at the University of Dallas and again for our honeymoon. I really can’t think of a country I’ve enjoyed visiting more. The churches! The monuments! The churches! The gelato! The churches…
What is your favorite place to visit on a pilgrimage? Oh, if you haven’t listened to Catholic Weekend, head over to sqpn.com to check out the show.

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