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Yes, There are Children's Books Not Printed in China

Over the years we have become increasingly frustrated as more and more children's books are sent to China for printing. Since China still thinks that government-forced abortion and sterilization are okay and Catholic priests and bishops are still vanishing, we have had access to a very limited selection of children's titles.

Fortunately, Magnificat Magazine has started publishing books for children along with the Magnificat Magazine. These books are printed in a variety of countries other than China and are some really fabulous titles. Here's a quick summary of what's available:
For young children there is a selection of board books with very cute illustrations.
Little Life of Jesus

Little Life of Jesus

Little Life of Jesus is a collection of eleven stories that go through the life of Jesus with very nice full-color illustrations.

7in. x 7in.
24 Pages

My First Pictures of Mary

My First Pictures of Mary

The My First Pictures of Series is a series of four books written and illustrated by Maite Roche with simple text and pictures. The four books include Mary, Christmas, Jesus and Easter.
6in. x 7.25in.
14 pages

My First Bedtime Prayers

My First Bedtime Prayers

The My First Prayers series is also illustrated by Maite Roche. The books include Mary, My Family, Christmas and Bedtime.
6.25in. x 6.25in.
14 Pages
The Gospel for Little Ones
The Gospel for Little Ones goes from the Annunciation to the Ascension in a heavy-duty board book with darling illustrations.
6in. x 8.5in.
32 pages
The Bible for Little Ones

The Bible for Little Ones

The Bible for Little Ones shares the most famous Bible stories including Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Noah, Moses, David, Mary and the Apostles in full-color board pages.

6in. x 8.5in.
36 pages


These are just some of the books available now from Magnificat Magazine. I'll share some more in my next post.

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