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What Could You Endure?

The Song at the Scaffold

The Song at the Scaffold

The French Revolution was in no way like the American Revolution. One was led by reasoned men who wanted to create a more just country. The other was led by blood-thirsty mad men who wanted to seize power and get revenge on the wealthy and the king for real and perceived injustice.

The Carmelite nuns who were martyred marked an end of the bloodiest activity in Paris. It is easy to believe that through their blood, God gave the people of Paris a bit of grace to stir their consciences.


Set during the French Revolution, The Song at the Scaffold is based on the true story of the Carmelite nuns of Compiègne, who offered their lives for the preservation of the Church in France.

The story unfolds around the fictional character of Blanche de la Force, an excessively fearful aristocrat who enters the Carmelite convent in order to flee the dangers of the world. As the Reign of Terror begins, Blanche is no safer in the convent than in the streets of Paris, and some of the sisters begin to doubt her ability to endure persecution and possibly martyrdom.


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