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On June 11th a wildfire started in Black Forest, Colorado. Within six hours my parents’ home and several hundred others had burned to the ground. Within five days the fire had consumed 14,000 acres of land and over 500 homes, making it the most devastating fire in Colorado history.

Even though the loss of the home where they spent 17 years was tragic, no one in our family was injured or killed. While the family heirlooms can’t be replaced – the baptism gown worn by everyone in the family for over sixty years, the letters my grandfather wrote from Antarctica and the statue of St. Isaac Jogues rescued from a church, our family memories can’t be taken away and will be treasured.

The biggest tragedy is for those lost everything and have no way to replace it. Many of the people who lost homes in the forest were living in the original settler cabins and many didn’t have insurance. These people are faced with rebuilding their lives on an ash-covered moonscape with little chance of selling the property and moving somewhere else. 

To help out these survivors, we will be giving 15% of our sales to the fire relief efforts this week.

Please help us help the survivors of the wildfire.

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A couple of survivors from my parents’ home:

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