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First Communion Preview – Are You Ready?

Easter is early so First Communion Season is too!

It really is amazing how quickly time passes. Advent and Christmas flew by and even though our family could technically claim to be keeping our droopy Christmas tree up to honor the Christmas season to the bitter end on Candlemas, we’re really just trying to arrange a time for some friends to take it away to feed to their goats. Yes, goats will eat just about everything.
Anyway, we realized that Lent is only three weeks away which means that if you are in anyway involved with a First Communion this year, it’s time to start planning.
The first thing you will need to do is think about, if your parish is like many, is pick out a First Communion banner kit.

“Wonderful kit; fun project. A lot of ability to individualize/customize, so two of the same kit could look considerably different. Glue provided ran out; otherwise, perfect!” – G&G’sMom in RI

Fortunately, you don’t have to come up with something completely on your own. We carry a variety of pre-cut felt First Communion banner kits that make this project very simple. Even if you don’t need a kit, you should watch the cute video of our daughter assembling one.
The First Communion dress that my daughters have worn was worn by my sister and by our Mom. We even have a framed set of my Mom and sister in the dress. A First Communion dress doesn’t have to be a use once and send to Goodwill item. Like a family baptismal gown, an heirloom First Communion dress can be passed down from generation to generation.
At Aquinas and More we are proud to carry heirloom quality gowns made of linen, cotton, silk that have been hand-sewn by a true artist’s hand right here in the United States. Each gown is made to order so you need to plan four to six weeks ahead. Take a look at these fine heirloom gowns that will be a family treasure for generations.
If your daughter has an American Girl-sized doll, she can have a matching dress made as well.
Once you have these two “long-term planning” items taken care of, you can think about an appropriate gift.
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