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A Giveaway to Brighten Your Pathetic, Sad Day

As has been made clear by Protestants and Catholics who have crystal clear memories of the way the the Church was before they were born, Catholics have a worrying problem. They worry about about how sinful they are. They worry about going to heaven. They worry about going to hell. They worry that they aren’t worrying enough about going to confession, Mass and bingo.

Making a living as an apologist is easy.

Yes, we Catholics have a thing or twenty to show others about worry. And we’re proud of it. With Western civilization slouching towards Gomorrah (r), we Catholics are actually rejoicing. What better excuse to worry more than when Europe is sliding into antiseptic barabarism and America has more debt than the entire world has money?

While you wail and gnash your teeth in the darkness, you would do well to ignore troublemakers like Gary Zimak from the misleadingly named “Following the Truth” blog. This Catholic apologist thinks that worry is not a Catholic thing and has written a new book – The Worrier’s Guide to the Bible – that tries, through amazing contortions of scripture, to convince the poor reader that confidence in God is really the Christian way.


If you like to worry, don’t read this book!

In order to spread this pernicious message, Mr. Zimak is giving away two signed copies of his book. I strongly recommend that you DO NOT leave a comment below about why you trust in God because if you do you may receive one of these books in the mail. On the other hand, if you don’t think you have enough to worry about, you could leave a comment and then worry that you won’t win a book (even one you shouldn’t read) when we announce the winner next Tuesday (12/11/12).

(For the humor impaired, we do highly recommend Gary’s book and hope you weren’t worrying too much about whether or not we were recommending it.)

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