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What Tools Are in Your Catholic Briefcase? A Tiber River Review

Catholic Briefcase

Catholic Briefcase

Christ commanded that we be salt and light [Matt 5:13-16] and often we ponder this admonition without a clue how to fulfill it.  The Catholic Briefcase by Randy Hain can help.

The Catholic Briefcase would be an excellent choice for an individual or a group study.  The questions gently encourage discussion and reflection.  An individual working alone will find them easy to use in prayer or writing in a journal. A group would find them an easy start for group discussion.  Each chapter stands as part of the whole but also as its own unit– this means if the book is used in a group and some individuals miss a week, they can pick up with the very next chapter and catch the missed chapter later. Every chapter follows a similar pattern: Quote, interview, concerns and questions persons have about the topic, responses to those questions and practical advice. The material will be relevant and it is not absolutely essential that you have read the previous chapters to be able to gain from the current chapter…

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