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A Child’s First School: A Tiber River Review


School of the Family

School of the Family

The School of the Family was written by a young Catholic wife and mom. It’s primarily about her life and how family interactions impacted her upbringing. She dives even further back into history telling some of the upbringing of her own mother to show her family background.

I have to admit I was disappointed in this work as I was expecting it to be a book about the nitty-gritty of homeschooling but that was not the primary focus. Throughout the text the words “school of the family” were written in bold to emphasize how family is school which is true since we do learn so much from our family and through interaction with our family but there was little written about the actual adventures of homeschooling. She is an advocate of a more simplistic rural lifestyle – one where families depend more on themselves through gardening, hunting, fishing…

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