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Teaching Kids the Liturgical Seasons: A Tiber River Review

The Big Book Of Catholic Customs And Traditions For Children's Faith Formation

The Big Book Of Catholic Customs And Traditions For Children’s Faith Formation

As a Catholic convert, and a mother with small children, I’ve been passionate about learning all that I can about the traditions and celebrations that ocur throughout the liturgical year.  I’d spent the last year trying to come up with feast day ideas that would make the liturgical year come alive for our daughters, and had scoured the internet and the books that we already had for ideas.  I wanted to learn more about traditions that, as a convert, I wasn’t familiar with.

When I was given the chance to review The Big Book of Catholic Customs and Traditions, I was thrilled.  Our cross country move this summer meant the book had to chase us across the country with the rest of our mail, but when it finally arrived I was thrilled.  I was even more excited when…

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