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Behind the Counter #9 – Advent for Families and My Sisters the Saints

On today’s show I got to speak with Lisa Hendey, founder of Catholicmom.com has a new book out for families to use during the Advent season and Colleen Carroll Campbell, former speech writer for President Bush and author of the New Faithful has a new memoir called My Sisters the Saints.

Today, October 20th is the feast of St. John Cantius on the extraordinary form calendar, December 23rd on the Ordinary Form calendar.

  • St. John Cantius was born in Kanti, Poland in 1390.
  • He attended the Jagellonian university of Krakow where he earned a doctoral degree in philosophy.
  • Upon graduating he spent three years studying for the priesthood and was ordained
  • He then took a position of professor of sacred scripture at his alma mater which he held until his death.
  • He was known to eat very little and gave regularly gave alms to the poor.
  • While at the university he helped develop the theory of impetus which was a precursor to the work of Newton and Galileo.
  • Looking for more excitement in his life, he went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem on foot, hoping to be martyred. Failing to be martyred, he went on four pilgrimages to Rome, also on foot.
  • He died in 1473 on Christmas Eve in Krakow and is buried at the church of St. Anne
  • St. John was beatified in 1676 by Pope Celement X and name patron of Poland by Pope Clement XII in 1737.
  • He was canonized in 1767 by Clement XIII
  • Pope John Paul II had a special devotion to St. John Cantius and prayed at his tomb when he went on a pilgrimage to Krakow in 1997
  • In 1999 a new order of priests was founded in Chicago called the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. This order is dedicated to the promotion and restoration of Catholic sacred music and art.


Upcoming feasts include:

  • Canonization of Bl. Kateri (10/21)
  • St. John of Capistrano (10/23) OF
  • St. Anthony Claret (10/23) EF, (10/24) OF
  • St. Raphael (10/24) EF
  • Christ the King (10/28) EF

Last weekend Aquinas and More helped sponsor the Rocky Mountain Catholic Men’s conference here in Colorado Springs. This conference has been going for about five years and we have been part of it from the start when it was held at a local parish. This year it was held at the Pikes Peak Performing Arts Center and I think there were about 500 men who attended.

As an exhibitor I typically don’t get to attend many of the talks at conferences but I was able to sneak in to listen to Dr. Ray Gurendi speak. He is hilarious and has a great message about raising your kids right. Dr. Ray is a former body builder like Arnold but about a foot shorter and with a mustache.

We handled the book signing for Randy Hain’s book, The Catholic Briefcase and we’ll be interviewing him in a couple of weeks about integrating faith with work.

I also met Justin Fatica who gives a dynamic talk to young adults. We featured his book, Win it All in the Catholic Summer Reading program. Justin is like a combination of Life Teen, Jersey Shore and a chihuahua on espresso. He also is a body builder and is working on a new book that combines spiritual and physical exercise. That will be a lively interview if I can get it.

In this podcast I talked with Lisa Hendey and Colleen Carroll Campbell.

Lisa Hendey, founder of Catholicmom.com has a new book out for families to use during the Advent season.

O Radiant Dawn – 5-Minute Prayers Around the Advent Wreath

Colleen Carroll Campbell, former speech writer for President Bush and author of the New Faithful has a new memoir called My Sisters the Saints.

My Sisters the Saints – A Spiritual Memoir

Listen now >>


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