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Courage in All Seasons: A Tiber River Review

 Thomas More, A Portrait of Courage

Thomas More, A Portrait of Courage

I read Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage book because its author, Dr. Wegemer, gave the commencement address at Ave Maria University last fall. He is a professor of English at the University of Dallas, the Director for The Center for Thomas More Studies, and one of the top scholars of More today (which is no surprise as he has dedicated his scholarly life to the study and promotion of the study of Thomas More).

Of course none of that guaranteed that he would be a good speaker or even an enjoyable writer. However, it turned out he was both, and more. I have been to many of these kinds of speeches during my time at the university; I cannot think of one which stirred me more deeply than his. And the “and more”? When he made time to have lunch with many students of the English program he…

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