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Smart Martha’s Guide for Busy Moms: A Tiber River Review

Smart Martha's Guide for Busy Moms

Smart Martha’s Guide for Busy Moms

Smart Martha’s Catholic Guide for Busy Moms” a book by Tammi Kiser, published by Our Sunday Visitor.

Over all this book was a easy read, with chapters like; Toys ‘R’ Taking Us Over, which gives you suggestions about keeping toys under control, through which toys are meaningful, and how to organize them, and From T-Ball To Trombone, a chapter on how to keep track of all the kids activities including samples of Tami Kiser’s charts she uses in her own home. Tami shares time saving tips for every thing from how to organize your laundry room and get the laundry done and put away in a flash, with minimal ironing, to store your store loyalty cards so you can find them while your at the check out lane with out making the people behind you wait forever.

The thing I like best about “Smart Martha’s” is that the tips range from chores to toys, and from toddler to teen. “Smart Martha’s” has great tips for not just how to wrangle the littles, but how to keep your teens from abusing the internet, iPod’s and keep them on track with school and tips to teach them to be responsible for themselves. All while they are still under your roof so that…

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