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The Grace of John Paul II: A Tiber River Review


John Paul II: A Life of Grace

John Paul II: A Life of Grace

John Paul II, A Life of Grace written by Renzo Allegri, translated by Marsha Daigle-Williamson, Ph.D. published by Servant Books. “John Paul II” is a 195 page biography on the life of Pope John Paul II. This book starts with a quick introduction of Pope John Paul II parents, family and moves swiftly into John Paul II (then Karol)’s life. This book gives you much in the way of what it was like for young Karol as the family struggled with Karol’s mother, Emilia’s ill health. The author shares a beautiful poem that young Karol wrote 10 years after his mothers death in remembrance of her. Several chapters are spent going into detail of young Karol’s early adult years, which he spent writing plays based on books of the Bible, and working with other young adults his age in underground prayer groups during the war. Some of the things Karol learned in these underground prayer groups he used during his early years as a priest when…

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