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Our Lady Came to Fatima: A Tiber River Review


Our Lady Came to Fatima

Our Lady Came to Fatima

 Our Lady Came to Fatima written by Ruth Fox Hume, illustrated by Christpher J. Pelicano, published by Ignatius Press, part of the Vision Book Series, 165 pages. I would like to start off by saying that we love the Vision Book Series. I think that every Catholic child should have at least a few of this series on their book shelf. “Our Lady Came to Fatima” was a wonderful book, we read this book for the first time during our out loud reading time and was able to read a chapter in anywhere from 20 minutes to a half of an hour. I would say that this book has a reading level of fourth grade and up. My teenager has re-read this book and enjoyed it just as much now as she did the first time when she was 9 years old. This book isn’t just for girls either, my son enjoyed it as well. We found “Our Lady Came to Fatima” very informative into the apparitions of the Blessed Mother…

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