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Wonderful Weekend Sale

This weekend we are offering 20% off the book How to Raise Good Catholic Children. Sale ends when we run out!

“Fantastic, beautiful, easy-to-read book! I cannot say enough about it! Mary Newland covers such a wide breadth and depth of topics, gives beautiful examples and traditions, makes you confident in following her example, grounds you in your theology… simply amazing! I want to buy a copy of this for everyone I know! My husband and I have yet to be blessed with children, but so far I am happy using it when I teach my religion students and CCD class!”

First published fifty years ago, How to Raise Good Catholic Children is a rare treat for today’s parents: a wise and readable book on child care that derives its wisdom from the Catholic home rather than from psychologists.

Author Mary Reed Newland here draws on her own experiences as the mother of seven to show how the classic Christian principles of sanctity can be translated into terms easily applied to children — even to the very young.

Because it’s rooted in experience, not in theory, nothing that Mrs. Newland suggests is impossible or extraordinary. In fact, as you reflect on your experiences with your own children, you’ll quickly agree that hers is an excellent commonsense approach to raising good Catholic children.

Let Mrs. Newland show you how to introduce even your littlest ones to God and develop in your growing children virtues such as:

  • The habit of regular prayer
  • Genuine love of the Rosary
  • A sense of the dignity of work
  • Devotion to Mary and the saints
  • A proper love for the things of this world and for the things of Heaven
  • Attentiveness at Mass
  • Love for the Eucharist
  • An understanding and love of purity
  • The ability to make good confessions
  • And dozens of other skills, habits, and virtues that every good Catholic child needs



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