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Do You Know 20 Positive Signs in the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church is out of touch.
Priest Scandals.
Membership Declining.
Religious Orders Dying Off.
You can get this all day in the media headlines. Isn’t it time for some GOOD news?
Six years ago, David Hartline wrote a best-selling optimistic book called The Tide is Turning Towards Catholicism. He filled the book with statistics and information about the good things going on in the Church.
Vocations? Increasing.
Enthusiasm among younger Catholics? Increasing.
Religious education? Improving.
Now, six years later, David Hartline takes another look at the state of the Catholic Church in The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn.
Fr. George Rutler, host of The Eternal City on EWTN has this to say about the book:
David Hartline’s occasional writings on the present life of the Church have borne fruit in this book. He makes a good case that the present time’s spiritual struggle will set the stage for a stronger Church.”
Here are the chapters:
  1. The Tide is Still Turning
  2. Pope Benedict Visits the United States
  3. A New Breed of Men and Women Religious
  4. The Number of Converts Keeps Increasing
  5. You Can’t Keep a Good Church Down
  6. The Culture of Life Will Prevail
  7. Who Says the Catholic Church Has No Political Clout?
  8. The Growing Number of Faithful Colleges
  9. The Church Stands Up for Traditional Marriage
  10. The Catholic Church Keeps Growing and the Media Can’t See Why
  11. The Catholic Church and Islam: An Interesting History
  12. A German Pope Triumphs in Britain
  13. The Impact of Catholic Media
  14. The Catholic Church, Agnostics, and Atheists
  15. “Non Latine Liceat Hic” (No Latin Allowed Here)
  16. The Church Draws Famous Athletes and Coaches
  17. The Disintegration of Liberal Christianity
  18. The Perils of Thinking We Know Better Than Our Predecessors
  19. The Coming Crash of the Megachurches
  20. The Catholic Church Marches On
  21. A Brief Introduction to Basic Catholic Beliefs

Help us spread the word about the GOOD things going on in the Catholic Church today and let people know about David’s new book. If you use Twitter, post positive tweets with the hashtag “#tideisturning”

We’ll be keeping an eye on the feed and giving some free copies away for great tweets! It’s always easy to complain and be negative, so let’s tell people the good news for a change.

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed the author, David Hartline, for the Behind the Counter Catholic Radio Show

Listen to our radio interview.

What positive things do you see happening in the Catholic Church today?

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