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Dare We Hope that Father Barron Will Be Saved?

I like Father Barron. I like his Catholicism series. However, I think that this video of his on the existence of Hell and the people in it on the people in Hell is way off track. (edited because readers seem to think I was disputing his statement about the existence of Hell.)




Basically, there are two options here.

If Father Barron is right, then:

  • There really isn’t any reason to be Catholic
  • Our Lady of Fatima was a false apparition and the Church got it wrong
  • When Jesus talked about  the “eye of the needle” and “road to hell is wide and easy” he was really j/k
  • St. John Vianney wasted his life in the Confessional

If the testimony of the saints, Jesus, Mary and the Church are to be believed, then Father Barron is wrong.

Coincidentally, the book that Father Barron Mentions, Dare We Hope That All Men are Saved?, is one of only two titles from Ignatius Press that we won’t carry.

What do you think about this?

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