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The Best New Catholic Gift for Young Kids

Remember the parable about the woman and the judge? She kept knocking at his door in the middle of the night until he finally listened to her case just so she would leave him alone.

I’m sure that the founders of Herald Entertainment felt like that woman after contacting us for months to try and get us to carry their new product line for kids. They called. They sent us product samples. They sent us email. They called again. Finally, they sat down with me at the International Christian Retail Show and said(with cotton balls in their mouths) “Look, we’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.” And I couldn’t because the new line was really great:

  • Designed for young children
  • Solidly Catholic
  • A likeable Franciscan hero
  • Holy cards with a current look
  • Coloring books and bookmarks to go along with the DVDs

Listen to our interview with Roberto, one of the founders of the company.

So, I would like to introduce to you Brother Francis and his new line of Catholic DVDs and coloring books!

Watch a trailer from their DVD on the sacrament of Confession.

We carry, and have in stock, all of the DVDs, coloring books, holy cards and book marks for the Brother Francis series.

Whether you have a birthday or First Communion coming up, these are wonderful gifts for your grade school age children.

We have over 1000 books, gifts and books that can be gifts that are 30% off. This is only for items that are in stock so be sure to buy now before everything gets picked over.

Sale ends August 11th.

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