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I’m Speaking at the International Christian Retail Show! (#ICRS)

Over a year ago I received a call from the folks at the Christian Booksellers Association. They had read a post I did about digital books and wanted to talk to me about a digital distribution solution they were working on for their members. Unfortunately, a single solution wasn’t found and the various Christian store groups came up with a few solutions of their own but nothing that was going to be easily available to everyone.

In the Catholic market there wasn’t any such attempt by publishers or stores to work with each other to jointly work on digital media so for the most part Catholic stores are out in the cold.

Several months ago we received another call from the CBA asking if we would help them set up a Catholic section at their conference for the first time. This was a very big deal. The CBA conference is HUGE. We’ve attended one in Denver and it filled the convention hall.

We agreed to help and so this year there are two talks on the schedule (given by us) about dealing with Catholic customers and getting your brick-and-mortar store on-line. Zondervans is also sponsoring a lunch and Catholic Word and Image books are both on site.

We’re looking forward to a great conference sharing a little of the Catholic Faith with the audience here.

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