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Waldo Canyon Fire History Site

Today I saw a tweet from the PPLD asking people to send them photos of the Waldo Canyon Fire so they could be preserved. This got me thinking that photos on their own are SO 2008. What someone really needs to make for this event (and others like it) is a “4D book”. I have no spare time or money to make this and maybe I’m already a week late with the idea but here is what I propose:

A website that provides a multimedia timeline of the fire. This site would be based on a timeline that starts on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 and goes until all residents are no longer under evacuation.

Timeline features:

  • A stream of KKTV news, KVOR radio, police and fire scanner traffic and Twitter that could be played simultaneously with sound being chosen from a single audio stream at a time. When one audio stream was chosen, the others would go into “closed-caption mode” so you could still follow the different feeds.
  • A timeline that goes with the feeds that could be clicked to display any relevant community contributed media as the feed plays. For example, when the first word came in that the fire was threatening Manitou Springs, photos that were time stamped to match would be available for viewing.
  • The timeline could be entered at any point and paused or fast forwarded like a DVD.
  • The Twitter feed that would go with the timeline would be cleared of retweets just to clear out the clutter.

Apart from the chronological timeline, you could also view a geographical timeline tied in with Google maps so as the timeline moves forward, point of interest markers would show on the map that corresponded to the location and time stamps of contributed media. The map would also have a dynamic overlay of the fire and evacuation areas. Another feature of the map would be to include zoom in fire unit maps created by someone on Facebook who was following the scanner traffic if those maps proved to be accurate representations of the firefight.

Finally, the site would include basic “by-the-numbers”  data about personnel involved, homes, lives and forest lost, etc. as well as a full listing of all departments and units involved in the efforts.

The site would also link to disaster recovery sites that assist those who have lost their belongings in these natural disasters.

Media sources:

  • KKTV feed
  • KVOR radio feed
  • Police and fire scanner feed
  • #WaldoCanyonFire Twitter traffic with retweets removed
  • Official fire and evacuation boundary maps
  • Unofficial fire line maps based on scanner data
  • Photos provided by community and news services date and location stamped
  • Videos provided by community and news services date and location stamped
  • Gazette live-blog of the fire
  • Feed of the A Community Rises event
  • Video and photos provided by involved agencies

So, what do you think? I wish I had the time and money to build this myself but I’m sure someone out there does.

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