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Spiritual Warfare From a Pro-Life Foxhole – A Tiber River Review

Spiritual Warfare from a Pro-Life Foxhole

I was sent a free copy of Steve Wood’s CD called “Spiritual Warfare From a Pro-Life Foxhole” from Tiber River in exchange for my review. I was unfamiliar with Steve Wood and his agency called Family   Life Center International, but his title grabbed my attention immediately.  It comes as no surprise that I am Pro-Life and work towards ending abortion so this seemed an obvious pick for me. I’m so happy I picked it because I’ve listened to it over and over and gleaning something new from it each time.  Mr. Wood is a convert to the Catholic Faith and states right away, “We are in a world war unlike any of which that has ever been seen in the history of mankind.  We must view the world from a Pro-Life foxhole for our blinders are gone, no longer thinking we have a righteous government, that our society has a certain Christian props.  We’ve seen they’re gone and seen the extent that the enemies of life will go to crush the Pro-Life Movement.  We are in a spiritual war.”  A bold statement.

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