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Do Your Seminarians and Diaconate Candidates Have Registries?

Do your seminarians and diaconate candidates have ordination registries? Do those who want to buy them gifts have any idea what to get them?

Several years ago we had a dozen men ordained to the permanent diaconate in Colorado Springs. People kept coming into our store asking us what to get them. Of course we could suggest some generic gifts but we didn’t know what each candidate really needed.



That is why we created our ordination registry program. Your candidates can create registries asking for specific items (vestments, books, chalices, etc.) that they need and then share their registry link with friends and family. They even get a $25 gift certificate from us just for signing up!

Be sure to let your candidates know about the program. They can get started with their own ordination registry at CatholicChurchsupply.com


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