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Memorial Weekend Special on Military Gifts

In honor of our veterans this Memorial Day weekend we are offering 15% off all of our military gifts!


We carry almost 100 different medals for the armed forces including styles for the National Guard and Coast Guard. Our medals feature the emblems of the service branches on one side and St. Christopher, St. Michael or St. Joan of Arc on the reverse.

Our military medals are available in pewter, silver and gold to fit any budget.


Our military rosaries were designed for military use:

  • No shiny parts
  • Parachute cord for extra durability
  • A pop-open clasp so there isn’t a choking hazard
  • Hand-tied here in Colorado Springs, home of the Air Force Academy, Ft. Carson, Norad and Peterson AFB

We also carry a Yellow Ribbon Rosary for those whose family members are serving abroad.

Catholic Summer Reading

It’s time to choose books for the Catholic Summer Reading program. Go over to CatholicBookDiscussion.com to make suggestions.

Upcoming Feasts


Since it was first republished ten years ago, the Fulton Sheen Wartime Prayerbook has been our bestselling military title but it isn’t the only one available.

We also carry inspirational stories about Catholics in the military such as Fr. Vincent Capodanno who was killed on the battlefield in Vietnam while giving last rites to a soldier. Or the story of Father Emil Kapaun who was captured during the Korean war and died in a North Korean prison camp.

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