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St. Joseph Red Sunday Missal: A Tiber River Review


St. Joseph Red Vinyl Sunday Missal

St. Joseph Red Vinyl Sunday Missal

Years ago, you might have found people bringing their own copy of the Missal to Mass.  Over the years, it seems to have lost some ‘steam’ with Catholics.  Part of that shift might be the prevalence of the tissue paper thin yearly books containing the readings and music for the parish.  I had years of just listening as the Scriptures were read during Mass and occasionally would utilize the disposable books at church.  But, as I grow deeper in my faith, I was having a serious tug towards having my own Missal.

When the Revised Edition of the St. Joseph Red Vinyl Sunday Missal arrived in my house, I was giddy with excitement.  I had some stares from the boys as they could not understand why their mother was treating that package like a treasured gift received.  However, I know what a treasure this book is for me today and in the future.

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