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Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook – A Tiber River Review

Essential Advent And Christmas Handbook

Essential Advent And Christmas Handbook

I purchased The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook this year with the intent of using it.   I devoured the entire book prior to Advent, but with the birth of my baby a month before the Christmas season, I was a little, um, busy.   I did manage to use it for the Christmas-Epiphany season, but I am really looking forward to having a little time to devote to my own preparation of Christmas next year.  Like its counterpart for Lent, this volume is another fabulous resource for all your personal Advent & Christmas needs..

The thing that I think I love MOST about this book is that it serves the needs of both those who are more tradition and more contemporary.    As a base, the book begins with two different versions of each the morning and evening prayers.   Want to know more about Advent?   Continue to the next section which has a short history of Advent and some of it’s more well known traditions.     Interested in bringing God into your home?   Section three includes traditional practices of Advent, including the Advent wreath & various services that may take place in your parish.

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