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Review of the Magnificat Roman Altar Missal

Magnificat Roman Altar Missal

Magnificat Roman Altar Missal

The new Roman Missals for the altar have started to arrive so as we unpack them we’re writing reviews of each one so you can decide which one you really want to get. We have also created a Roman Missal comparison chart that lists EVERY available altar missal and the major features of each. We don’t have all the information yet but as the missals arrive we are filling in the blanks.

Our first review is of the Magnificat Altar Missal. Magnificat is the publisher of the wonderful Magnificat Magazine and the related Advent, Lent and Rosary companions. They have also branched out into children’s books.

The Magnificat altar missals arrived in a cloth draw-string bag encased in a  bubble wrap envelope. The extra protection that these missals got was a nice plus considering the cost and weight of the missal.

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