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Bad Catholic's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins - A Tiber River Review

by Ian on July 25, 2011

The Bad Catholic's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins

The Bad Catholic's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins

I was rather intrigued when I first heard about John Zmirak's The Bad Catholic's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins, a vital look at virtue and vice, with quizzes and activities for saintly self-improvement.  The book is pretty much a tour of the seven deadly sins, their polar opposites (the neurosis) and the virtue that is the balance.

This book is one that requires the reader to have a sense of humor.  If you're easily offended or lack a sense of humor, this book is likely not for you.  That said, I found this book to be incredibly humorous.  Zmirak's wit and sarcasm kept me turning the pages to see what he'd say next.  Before I give you the impression that the book is simply there to entertain the reader, let me assure you that there is a certain element of seriousness as well.  Throughout the book you will find references to great theological minds such as Thomas Aquinas.  Zmirak essentially presents a vice, gives us a few stories that illustrate that vice, and then tosses in solid insight that will get you thinking.
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David H. July 25, 2011 at 11:33 am

Zmirak is a hoot. I love reading his columns. Did you know that he was going to sue his modernist nuns and priests in the diocese of Brooklyn, using Canon Law, to purge his Catholic high school of modernist teachings? This is when he was a student there. It was this moxy–and his overall intelligence–that got him accepted to Yale.


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