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Understanding the Revised Mass Texts – A Tiber River Review

Understanding the Revised Mass Texts

Understanding the Revised Mass Texts

Understanding the Revised Mass Texts by Paul Turner is exactly the book I needed as I am not one to like changes. This small booklet (only 47 pages) starts with five pages of explanation as to why the Mass texts have changed and then goes through all the parts of Mass explaining what will be changing and why.

There is lots of information packed into those opening five pages. I learned that the new Mass texts will be more formal which is probably a good thing since Mass in many parishes has become too familiar – sometimes reverence for our Lord is forgotten. The new texts will be more faithful to the Latin from which they were translated and there will be both large and small changes to the words we pray during Mass. In addition to answering the whys, there is an explanation about who did the translations and how the book will assist the reader including reminding us that these changes will not take place for another nine months – on Sunday 27 November, the First Sunday of Advent. Although in reality, I’m guessing the changes will occur at Vigil Masses on Saturday 26 November.

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