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Purity 365 – A Tiber River Review

Purity 365 - Daily Reflections on True Love

Purity 365 - Daily Reflections on True Love

In his book Purity 365 (Servant Books, 148 pages, $12.99), Jason Evert presents a year’s worth of quotes that aim to reinforce purity and cleanliness of heart. Jason speaks to tens of thousands of youth each year on the subject of chastity, and, from the clips I’ve seen of him, does a solid job of communicating this often-prickly subject

Chastity is often confused with celibacy. However, celibacy is not engaging in sex; chastity is a pure and proper valuing of sex. Not everyone is called to be celibate. Everyone is called to be chaste, even—and especially—those who are married.

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