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Why We Don't and Won't Ever Carry Richard Rohr

by Ian on March 16, 2011

At Aquinas and More we have always had a policy that we will only carry product that is true to Catholic teaching. Why carry product that undermines the Church unless you want to destroy your own business? Could you imagine Coke or Pepsi selling literature or sending out spokesmen that praise the competition as being just as good as their product or mislead people about what their product is? For some reason there are wildly popular authors who do just that within the Catholic Church.

One such author is Richard Rohr. He is a staple for St. Anthony Messenger Press and gives retreats across the country. I'll be blunt. Fr. Rohr's ideas about salvation are heretical. He just published a new book, Why Be Catholic, which I spent some time looking through. I may have missed it, but amid all of the talk about the need for community and the Church's position on social justice I couldn't find anything about Truth or salvation. It seems to me that any discussion of "Why be Catholic"? needs to start and end with salvation and Truth. Otherwise, the Church is just a social club like the Elks.

Here are some links explaining Father Rohr's "theology". Richard Rohr is a new-age heretic who wraps his heresy in biblical quotes. Here are some samples:


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Shamrock February 24, 2013 at 10:11 am

@Jo …You are as *FREE* as the wind to read Richard Rohr. It is the way God created all of us with free will. Just as Ian is free not
to carry certain items in his store. Ian is simply doing his Christian duty as the owner of a Catholic bookstore to help others avoid the possible pitfalls and snares that await those who indulge in Richard Rohr, knowing that many have succumbed to his soothing words and tickling philosophy. Peter warned his flock also of false teachers kn owing that there would be those who would not heed his words. All Ian is saying here ( and I know he is correct because I unwittingly had the experience of reading Richard Rohr and know he speaks and writes NOT with the mind of the Church) is *why* as a Catholic bookstre they will NOT carry Richard Rohr’s books or any authors that preach outside the Church’s teachings. All this sidetrack of Mary, Church doctrine,traditions, MIL’s etc is extraneous to the article. It seems to me Ian is acting responsibly and instead of castigating him for his efforts we should be thanking him for his concern. After his warning and all those who have spoken here warning you, you still want to read him to satisfy your own curiosity, you are FREE to do it. But believe me, if you are as well versed in Catholicism as you say you are, you will come away feeling used and vastly disappointed or worse terribly victimized. Personally, if you need to do that, fine but I must say I find your attitude most adolescent. Like a teenager who has been warned away from bad companions but MUST find that out for himself. Headstrong and belligerent. I will pray that by putting your soul in danger you will not succumb to the temptations of this false prophet and dissident priest. Remember, Eve felt much the same as you do when Satan tempted her. She also had been warned.


Ali February 25, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Oh for crying out loud. Dramatic, much? The fact that this guy refers to other spiritual teachers or belief systems as “competition” demonstrates a fundamental “missing the point” of the gospel. The “competition” that he refers to are…..God’s children. Rohr teaches inclusion, as did Jesus. Rohr teachers a deeper meaning, a deeper interpretation of biblical metaphors for those that are ready to walk away from a disclusionary, fear-based spirituality – as did Jesus if you look beyond surface meanings of His teaching. God doesn’t work on fear. You know why? IT DOESN’T WORK. Love can’t exist in the midst of fear. Real, abiding change doesn’t happen because of fear. Behaviors might change with fear, but your core doesn’t. Your message, and the message of past spirituality, is one of fear. Even looking at other teachers is labeled by you as “temptation.” Ironic that you label others as adolescent…I invite you to spiritual adulthood. You’ll find the only fear is that which is created inside of you by your humanity and thought of being separate and unworthy of God.


Shamrock February 25, 2013 at 6:08 pm

Ali…the only fear I have is that people are losing touch with their Catholicity due to the preponderant prattle of false teachers ….wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are playing with fire in terms of their eternal souls and suggesting that the well-meant warnings here are somehow *over the top* when it is quite the opposite. Many *think* they know their faith well enough so that they can afford to indulge listening to voices speaking outside the reference of authentic teaching. Know your enemy so to speak! But from what I am reading here, most are *falling* for the warm and fuzzy messages being preached by this therapeutic approach and walking away from the narrow road that Jesus speaks to us about.
The first noticeable falling away is they no longer go to mass as it doesn’t seem relevant today. They go to Church not to give honor and glory to God within the liturgy God created, but rather they go to feel better about themselves as warm and fuzzy, almost therapeutic atmospherics wash over them. The anything goes kind of morality that demands nothing of them.
You seem to be casting aspersions on the Catholic Church when you say that ” we need to walk away from a disclusionary(?), fear-based spirituality as Jesus did. Really? Is that your interpretation of our Church? Do you understand at all the relationship between Jesus and His Church? Are you a real Catholic? If so, then it would appear it is you that has not found spiritual adulthood.
I have expressed my opinon regarding Fr Rohr. Take it or leave it. But remember it is your eternal soul at stake here. Many others here have agreed he is border line heretical and certainly encouraging people away from authentic Catholicism. I also support and applaud Ian for excluding all such materials in his Catholic bookstore. It is not only his right as proprietor but also his duty as a Catholic not to lead his fellow Catholics astray by selling dissenting materials. If you choose not to accept that, of course you are free to go your own way too. But you will looking for pearls of wisdom where few if any exist. No one is stopping you but it is ignorance on your part if you think Fr Rohr is going
to help you with you relationship with the real Jesus. It would
seem he, like you, perfers the Jesus he has created to tickle your ears and make you feel good about yourself to the one I see hanging on the crucifix. Like those who walked away from Jesus after His Bread of Life discourse….because it was too
difficult. I will again repeat the words of Pope Benedict who
also is warning you to be discerning about false prophets when
he says,”It is important to recognize dissent for what it is, and
not to mistake it for a mature contribution to a balanced and wide-ranging debate”.
Joann…Thanks for sharing your negative experiences when attempting to follow Richard Rohr during Bible Study. You came close to the Father of Lies in that experience and I praise
God for giving you the gift of discernment to know when you were being spiritually abused and for the courage to speak up and warn others. I am sure you saved some souls who might
otherwise have become involved with this charlatan. I should think that would send red flag warnings to all following this blog.
Today’s world of relativism where “your truth” and “my truth” exist comfortably side by side is great example of how much we have deviated from Christ’s teachings about Truth and its proper place in creation.


Judy March 10, 2013 at 9:00 pm

Good for you!! Fear is the opposite of love. Most would define hate as the opposite of love, but ultimately, fear is. It is a very infantile theology to use fear. Sadly the Catholic Church has long used fear. If God is Love, then nothing we do can make God love us more, or less. Grace is free gift. There is nothing to fear about God. God loves us all, equally – so how does one respond to such love? By being loving, by following the paradigm of Jesus. Judge not – and do not be afraid. How many times do those words appear in the Gospels. Why do some prefer to see God as judge, waiting to condemn. God does not condemn. We do, much to the disappointment of God.


Jane March 14, 2013 at 8:15 pm

I have seen at least three members of my family suffer incredible psychological breakdowns over “fear of not meeting God’s expectation” for salvation. From the super fundamentalist who claim that salvation is yours if you but “proclaim Jesus (aloud) as your personal Lord and Savior” and Poof you are INSTANTLY saved. Most of the people in all the world of so many generates are therefore unable to be saved because they did not hear/understand/or know of Jesus. This is the religion’s worst sin. The Catholic Church is just as morbid and technical in its teachings; mortal sin, venial sin, failure to go to confession, rule after rule after rule.. all the while the truly human nature of the priest who followed all the rules suffered their own broken humanity and unfortunate sexual prclivity. As a young woman, when I listened to Richard Rohr’s discussion about the Gospel on cassettes and heard for the first time the truly “Good News” , my spirit soar and I was truly born again in freedom and knowledge and joy of the unconditional love. Yes, sin hurts us. Jesus always said “sin no more” and it was for our own good, not as a part of obtaining salvation. The Church (or all religions organizations) provide a community for folks who can practice religious traditions that make us “feel” like we’re doing what we can to be freed from sin and learn more about the Commandment of Love. From the time St. Peter and St. Paul were in disagreement of whether or not gentiles should be circumcised or not , the eternal problem began (man’s nature to set rules so everyone was on the same page; more or less. Which of the two holy men’s understanding of the rules was to be followed? Paul said it was only necessary to ask gentiles to refrain from eating food offered to idols. Stop this continual bickering between Luthern, Catholic, Baptists, Buddhists, 7th Day Adventists, Mormans, ET ALL! The other day I walked my dog and saw the full moon in the morning sky; Lit like a perfect jewel in the sky. In this moment, my spirit knew, my ‘being’ knew that this moment was another hug from God. I understood the moon was without any light of its own, but it beautifully reflected the light of the Sun… and this is our role in this life… reflect the light of the Son! I am so tired of the rules, the dissention, the pain and agony from fear of hell that the Catholic religion and fundamentalist preaching has done to some of my family members. I know Christ died for all men to be redeemed. I’m not going to spend my life worrying that I throw the eternal God’s eternal gift away if I use contraception, or drink a glass of wine, or miss Mass, or don’t go to confession. I will not bear these unbearable burdens… St. Paul declared that we “not” burden the Gentiles with the long-established “rules” of the Jewish faith. God saves, man only muddies the waters.


Shamrock March 15, 2013 at 1:31 pm

Jane…Your comment truly touched my heart! I am truly sorry, like you, that so many people feel they have been more hurt than helped by the Church. Do you recall the Mass of Forgiveness offered many years ago
by Blessed John Paul II? I think he had you and others
like you in mind who had been hurt by actions of certain members of the Church during certain periods of its history. Try to focus on the forgiveness we can receive through the sacrament of reconciliation. I think if you took all this to your priest and told him how you feel you might receive the relief that comes from unburdening all this hurt and pain. Please seek the peace that the Lord so wants to give you and not be further victimized by those who offer a warm and fuzzy kind of faith. And forgive those who have hurt you and your family members so badly. I know that the words of Father Rohr can sound soothing and caring. But along with that comes a sense of false security and enormous error in truth about Jesus and Who He really is. Rohr’s message, comforting as it sounds to many, in God’s order of things it is destructive to the reality of Christ’s true message. Follow the new Pope Francis closely and listen to his words. He is a man of humility and great compassion. He will not lead you astray with false words like those who are in dissent, who can only deceive you by leading you astray in the wide way of the world. Christ tells us we must live our lives now on the Cross and help each other through the trials life by accepting this reality of life. He promises rich rewards for those who persevere. He has said his way is difficult but His grace will be sufficient. The *rules* as you say need to become not regulations or obligations so much as a way of life that offer rich rewards and joy. It involves humility and obedience and giving up of self. I will pray you get in a better place and unburden yourself of worries by getting closer to Jesus and His mother Mary. Be of good cheer and continue seeing God’s love for you everywhere but most especially in His Holy liturgy, the Mass, full of blessing and the grace of forgiveness. Peace reign in your life.

Becky March 15, 2013 at 11:17 pm

My two brothers are followers of RichardRhor. One of them insist that the Church is being run by the Domonicans at this point not time. According to him (read Richard Rohr) the Dominicans rule by fear and that the Franciscans would rule by love . For the life of me, I have never heard such bizarre teaching. As I understand it each Pope comes from his own formation, with Pope Francis being of the Society of Jesus.
Further more I haven’t heard teaching of the mean, judgmental God since the late 1960′s. The Church has taught a God of Love for decades now. Which leads me to think that Rohr is recycling the old “radical hippie” mantras. I hope a large majority of the Church has grown passed that progressive philosophy.
I remember not liking all of the “rules” that came with being Catholic but that was in my immature and rebellious days. It seems to me that God Himself gave us the first rule….do not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. That was all He asked. Well we flunked that test!
God gave that simple rule for our own good. As with most rules, with obedience comes grace and peace.
I agree with Shamrock, Fr. Rohr’s words are flowery and soothing to the ear. Basic Christian thinking presents the idea of Nature being a reflection of God. All of Creation is one big hug from God. I believe God wants much deeper of a relationship with each of us than hugs.
Unfortunately what has emerged from my brothers’ exposure to Rohr’s thinking is divisiveness and judementalism. A lot of talking about love, not a whole lot of practicing. Sadly that is my experience.

Joann February 25, 2013 at 4:01 pm

I could not agree more with Shamrock’s post and I had hoped to tell those people who admire Rohr to go to his website and read some of the outrageous proposals that he makes. I could not find the writings that I had seen before, one of which was about all these men gathered around a campfire in Arizona and how Rohr thought it was so funny how all of them had to strip their clothes off and jump over the campfire. As I have said previously, we had a great Bible Study group at our church until the leader started reading Rohr’s books and then the Bible Study became all about Rohr and
what he thought instead of reading about what St. Paul teaches us to do. One thing was that we should keep our eyes on Christ if we wanted to go to heaven; it was all about Jesus, not about some man who praised himself. One of the last things that the leader told us, before I quit the group, was that the reason Jesus had to perform the miracle of the wine at the Wedding feast of Cana was that Jesus and the disciples had gone to the wedding, uninvited, and had drunk all the wine, so naturally his mother, who was invited, had to tell him to replace the wine. I said nothing at the time but I read the account again and wrote the leader a little report stating that Jesus and his disciples were indeed invited and that St. John said that this first miracle caused the disciples to believe in him. It also illustrated that Mary cared that couple needed the wine and that Jesus would do what she asked of him.
I also chided the leader for making Jesus and his disciples sound like a bunch of hooligans. He simply said that it was well written but made no comment on the fact that they were invited to the wedding. Later on, our pastor stopped the Bible Study but I never heard what the circumstances were. So, I feel that Rohr was the reason that we no longer have a Bible Study Group but I would rather not have a group than have them be exposed to the teachings of Richard Rohr.


Mark30339 May 23, 2013 at 1:48 am

I challenged the Rohr detractors in my Dec. 2012 comment ( and got no takers. Let me challenge another way.

Richard has very substantive comments on scripture in these books: New Great Themes of Scripture, parts 1 and 2; Great Themes of Paul parts 1 and 2; Sermon on the Mount; and Things Hidden in Scripture. Shamrock, Ian and others are so strident in their derision, but they probably haven’t invested in studying even a single chapter of these core teachings.

It’s one thing to not like Richard’s blog post social commentary, I’m not that into his politics either. It’s quite another thing to actually show how his books on scripture are so wrong they deserve condemnation. It’s time for the detractors to do a little scholarship or do some apologizing for their slander.


Shamrock May 23, 2013 at 8:59 am

Mark…..Once more, a serious reading of the Catholic Catechism would give you more than enough insight into Rohr’s numerous heretical errors that disqualify him from the shelves of a Catholic bookstore. No need, other than to satisfy one’s curiosity to plow through your suggested website when one has already given enough reasons why Rohr cannot qualify for a Catholic bookstore. ( Why would you eat a food that you already know only gives you a bad case of indigestion.) And after all, this is the point of Ian’s blog. If you are not in agreement, then your *beef* is actually with Truth, as it is taught by the Catholic Church, not with Ian. It never ceases to amaze how for some, Catholic teaching of Truth is somehow open to dissent and distortion and that those distortions and departures from Church teaching are as legitimate as Truth itself. It is called relativizing Truth and is entirely false and completely misleading. Placing Rohr on a bookshelf dedicated to solid church teaching is shamefully misleading and dishonest. Ian is to be commended for refusing to collaborate with lies which mislead souls away from their eternal destiny and the Truth which sets men free from such error.
You and everyone else are free to chase after such nonsense but you look for all the world like the cat who endlessly chases its own tail.
There are those who call themselves Catholic, but what they really mean, is they are Catholic according to their own definition of its teachings or distorting Truth itself. Rohr falls into this category in many serious ways It is to this end Rohr writes and therefore, he does not belong in a Catholic bookstore. He is hoping to bring the Church around to his way of thinking by sprinkling his *feel good* books with serious error and calling them “Catholic teaching” or in some instances, inviting the Church to change God’s revealed Truth.
The Church was instituted by Christ as a place on earth where Truth could be deposited and proclaimed from, until His Return.
He knew it would be attacked and reviled as He was, and we were given a very grave task to not only proclaim but also to defend these Truths from those who would do it irreparable harm.
It is not censorship ( after all, there are secular bookstores that stock his books where you can purchase them ). It is called doing the will of God when you defend Truth in all its aspects.
Consider a store that sold automobile parts. You would only purchase there if you knew that the store carried a reputation for stocking its shelves with legitimate merchandise. Only a fool would purchase items from this store if it was known to carry at time stolen goods or shoddy merchandise. Or that its sales practices were misleading and often injurious. Immortal souls are of far great worth than auto parts.
Again, Ian is to be commended for his integrity in presenting the truth about Rohr and why he will not be found in his CATHOLIC bookstore. He has done his readers an everlasting favor! Meantime, pray Father Rohr will be visited by the Holy Spirit and be opened to a clearer, less distorted vision of the Truth!


Jo February 27, 2013 at 6:01 pm

Crikey. All I said was that I wished to read his books. Some of you are Bonkers. Shamrock, OTT mate.


Shamrock February 27, 2013 at 8:05 pm

@Jo Ok! It is time now to fulfill your stated desire and go
read the book or whatever it is that has you all worked up.
THEN come back and tell us how wonderful (or not) you
find Richard Rohr. So far all you have done is argue about what you have not done….read the man! How you can have such strong opinons about someone unread in your experience is
a mystery!


Becky February 27, 2013 at 8:27 pm

Amen Shamrock!!!! Just do it!


Jo March 4, 2013 at 3:10 am

He speaks beautifully of the Eucharist.


Jo March 4, 2013 at 3:19 am

Ps I didn’t have strong opinions about him. You all did. However you only ‘get’ what you want to get. I just disliked the way he was spoken about and how nasty people were about him. I went to A&More by accident because I wanted some books on experience and tradition. I was shocked at the uncharitable way of speaking to each other in print. I knew nothing really about Fr Rohr.


Shamrock March 4, 2013 at 9:14 am

I think you have misinterpreted what was said here . Strong opinions being expressed about those who would vilify and deny the truths of the Catholic Church are NOT the same as being nasty and small minded. It is speaking truth to lie. It is what we must do as members of the Church Militant, fight for Truth and
expose deception wherever it exists so that others may not be
led astray. I am grateful to those who have gone before me defending the faith with their very lives. To declare the writings and books of Richard Rohr for what they are ( of course with Christian charity as you point out) is a Christian obligation. It is ” with charity part ” that is often the most difficult as these lies are MOST offensive especially when they involve basic beliefs, like the Eucharist, the focal point of our faith practice. You are so sadly mistaken when you claim RR speaks beautifully of the Eucharist. If you believe that than either you do not have a correct understanding of what the Eucharist is or you have bought the lie. That MUST be pointed out to you IN ALL CHARITY because not to do so would be cooperating in spreading the lie. I must say that in looking at the comments here most everyone has bent over backwards to speak to you with kindness while not being held hostage to your misinterpretations of RR.
In the final analysis, it would appear that your objections to what has been said here is not so much due to being offended at HOW things have been said as to WHAT was being said. In brief, one can assume only that you are a *fan* of Richard Rohr.You have claimed to know nothing about him but not to have read his books. Are we to assume now from your statements ( like the one on Eucharist) you have read him and find him enlightening? No problems with what he says? It would appear so. More’s the pity!


Shamrock March 12, 2013 at 5:48 pm

@ Judy…You have stated that fear and love are opposites. Where there is fear, there cannot be love. In some minds, in the past, the
thought is the Church emphasized hell too much and heaven too little and put the *fear of God* in those whose souls they were responsible for. Not everyone experienced this but enough so that many today think of the Church as *unloving* and *cruel* but those people have obviously not been to Church too much if at all since Vatican II. Since VII it seems the pendulum has swung the other way by priests who never, ever speak of either heaven, hell, sin and
damnation. It is if they do not exist in some minds at all, like Rohr. We forget perhaps that Paul reminds us to work out our salvation in fear ..and trembling! Recall also the gospel story of Lazarus and the Rich man…and realize that fear of the Lord is not a *bad* thing.


Shamrock March 15, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Jane….Am so sorry ….what I wrote to Judy is meant for you.
Please forgive…my sister is Judy and I quess when I start a
capital J …the rest just automatically followed…again, sorry.


Judy March 15, 2013 at 10:25 pm


Jesus tells us how many times to be not afraid. Fear is not a very effective motivator of actions. The fear of the God, is better translated, in our language as “awe”. Yes, sin is real. But, I challenge anyone to cite where the Catholic Church has ever stated that any soul was condemned to Hell. The Church states that there is the possibility of Hell. Care should be taken when thinking about condemnation. Who did Jesus condemn?? No one. His only hint of condemnation was against the leaders of the church of his time. Why? Because they saw themselves as holy and condemned others. God’s justice is not our justice. We come to spiritual maturity when we can say “I do not know the mind of God”, for surely no one this side of the grave does! We have a model, a paradigm, in Jesus. What did Jesus ask of us? To love one another. Simply that. But how hard that seems to be. Look at Scripture…. the parable of the Prodigal Son, why do we so readily relate to the older brother? The Prodigal Father is the image of God. He rejoices that his son has come back. He does not judge him, he does not hold anger towards him. He LOVES. Jesus also admonishes us not to judge. “The measure by which you measure, you will be measured by.”
God so loved us that he became human – so that we might understand who we are to God. Jesus did not become human as expiation for our sinfulness. He became human to show us who we are. We could not accept his message, and killed him. But the love of God would not be thwarted by our indolence. No, he rose on the third day. God would not give up on humanity. So now we are challenged to love in the same way. To empty ourselves for others. Judge not, says the Lord. I am the Way and the Truth and the Light. Why choose to fear God vs. allowing God to show us how to love as God loves. We are called to be the compassion of God. Imagine what the world would be like if we all could just love as God loves. Perhaps we should err on that side. Leave justice seeking to God. God doesn’t need us to tell God who is lost and who is saved.


Shamrock March 16, 2013 at 10:15 am

Judy…You are correct that we are not to judge the final disposition of anyone’s soul. We cannot. Only God, Who alone sees the diposition of one’s soul, makes that judgment. This is precisely what the Church teaches. However you seem to indicate, if not outright suggest, there is no such thing as damnation. Did you get this from Rohr? For that is one of the many errors he leads us into in his writings. Clearly Rohr is wrong about that as Jesus spoke more times about Hell ( there are several different words used to mean same place) than about Heaven. He warned continuously that to follow Him was a narrow, difficult path and that *many* choose rather the wide, less demanding path of the world. Hell is an unpleasant subject to discuss , so seldom do we hear anything bu today’s homilists, who tend to preach a softer and less truthful message than in the pre Vatican II days.but never doubt it
is real and exists. Truth does not change nor is it relative to our own misguided feelings. You can read what the Church says about it in the Catechism ( unfortunately you will probably have to go there as little to nothing is being said from the ambo ) where you also find that is the judgment only God, Who is Justice, can make. It is a choice ( Hell) freely made by those who reject God, for a life of sin, which is the death of grace within the soul. Of course, we make judgments about other things all day long, from the time we arise until we go to sleep at nite. We live our lives by making judgments. Thus the 10 commandments, plus the Greatest Commandment of all to love, are all there to guide us in making those judgments carefully so that we do not fall into serious sin, risking the joy of Heaven for the pains of Hell for all eternity. Because we are all sinners, being the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, Jesus provided, through His sacramental church, the sacrament of Reconciliation, where we can find great comfort being restored to God and to that state of bliss that no man can take away from us. Sadly we can throw it away by living sinfully, which is really exactly what you said: failure to love as Jesus loved.
An excellent article on Hell can be found at Catholic Answers by Jim Blackburn that you can google ( title: Hell? Yes!) or click on
the ural: -

When you refer to the message of Jesus about love you must also
tell the full truth of that message and not gloss over the more difficult parts of what He said and warned us about. This is the tendency and error of Richard Rohr…who would send us out into the world having only part of Jesus’ message while with-holding the very dire warnings of ” Woe be to…..” ! Which is like sending people out on a very stormy and dangerous sea without life jackets, without the fullness of the truth, including the dire warnings. This is what Rohr does in this book and woe to those who fall into his trap.


Shamrock March 16, 2013 at 10:37 am

Judy…you stated that Jesus was incarnated so that we could know who we are in relation to God. What does that mean? It does NOT mean Jesus did not come as Expiation for our sins as you declared in one of your statements. If you truly think that then you do not understand Salvation History at all. Why would God want us to know more about our humanity, our relationship to Him, if it was not part of the whole history of our salvation and our place in it and Who Jesus would become for us. We, who are totally unable by ourselves, to save ourselves? Yes, the message is all about love, His Love! God’s Love was for us was so great, John tells us, that He gave His only Son to the Cross? Why? To be the Sacrificial Lamb, to go to the slaughter, as the expiation for our sins, all sins, since the Fall of Adam and Eve. The Lamb of God! We cannot love or understand what real Love is if we do not accept the Lamb. It all
boils down to the question Jesus asked of Peter ” Who do you say I am”? Peter gets it right because Our Father in heaven gave it to him. Rohr gets it wrong sadly and proclaims a false message in his
writings about who Jesus truly said He is. The Jesus Rohr presents is a Jesus of his own making to * tickle the ears* and soften the real message of love.


AwesomeSauce April 11, 2013 at 2:28 pm

@shamrock have you ever studied theology. I’m just wondering why different ideas than your own scare you so much? I mean if you’ve read the smallest amount of theology Rohr’s inspirational books are hardly controversial and actually quite refreshing. I like Rohr’s books myself

I both agree and disagree with your assessment that he is presenting “a Jesus of his own making.” I agree because which one of us doesn’t have a Jesus of ones own making. What I mean is none of us have the same experiences, knowledge, ways of understanding, or relationship with Jesus. If by “Jesus of his own making” you mean Rohr has presented an idea of Jesus that is not supported by the bible I would have to disagree with you. Certainly Rohr may have presented Jesus in a way that isn’t supported by your interpretation of the bible. He has nonetheless supported his ideas with Scripture… And to the point of the post he has done so sufficiently enough to be supported (and I might add not deemed a Heretic) by the Catholic Church, and the Bishop he is accountable to, as well as the community of Franciscans.

I would say that all of that actually makes Rohr’s Books “Authentically Catholic” whatever that means… Does this place sell Relics? That seems Authentically Catholic… Or maybe not there are certainly a lot of relics of questionable origin.


Shamrock May 1, 2013 at 8:34 am

Obviously, you *drank the Kool Aide* that Rohr offers. The
antidote? Try a serious reading of the Catholic Catechism!


Dave April 4, 2013 at 11:30 pm

I’m certainly finding the banter on the site interesting and thought provoking. Thank you to all for the dialogue. I’m struggling with an idea that doesn’t seem to make any sense to me. It seems to me that there are some people, Catholic friends of mine, that live in an alternative universe. I am a Catholic and find it amazing that some Catholics support ideas that are in direct opposition to Catholic teaching. Some of these same people view me, an orthodox Catholic, as either neurotic or unenlightened. So my question is this: How do people choose sides in this battle for truth? What little decisions have they made that cause them to embrace heresy? Ask some of these lapsed Catholics if they struggle with sin and they will deny sin’s very existence. Has life’s mission for them become to deny this struggle? Have they buried and surrounded their hearts to the point where there is no return? The standard laid down in the gospel is a difficult one. But for anyone to deny the standard exists appears to mean they are lost, in frightening fashion. How do we connect on a deep level with people, if they deny the standard? If they deny the foundation? Richard Rohr is someone who I pity, and I mean that with charity. What happened to him that he would abandon the struggle that we are supposed to work out with fear and trembling; meaning our salvation. How does he relate to the real people who struggle with sin and addictions in this valley of tears? The sighs, mournings, and weepings seem not to exist for many Catholics. It is frightening, to me, that some seem to have arrived at this point. Elevating my consciousness simply will not work. Those who prescribe such remedies are false teachers who I have nothing in common with. They know not the struggle. But Jesus does.


Shamrock May 1, 2013 at 8:32 am

For further clarification on the pitfalls of Rohr’s dissent:…fm?recnum=6819


Rich Grzesiak June 19, 2013 at 7:59 am

Saddened by your comments here.
Please use your business in a positive way.
Promote your own products and stop attacking others for their beliefs and their products.
Keep the focus on being constructive.


Ian June 19, 2013 at 2:38 pm

It actually is constructive to point out problems with the writings of people who claim to be Catholic. Especially with ones who command such popularity.


Shamrock June 19, 2013 at 4:28 pm

Wouldn’t you want to be *warned* if the product is not what
it advertizes itself to be? That is all that Ian is saying….Father Rorh’s books cross the line in many places while purporting to be in line with Catholic teaching. Honestly! Doesn’t it seem like
anybody can call themselves Catholic today that has a pulse?
We NEED people to speak up and proclaim the Truth…not
play around with it until it resembles more somethng like wishful thinking.


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