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Why Bother coming up with a Clever E-newsletter Subject Line?

So yesterday I sent out a message to our customers about a rosary giveaway and right as I pressed the send button (almost in Matrix slow motion) I realized that “OH NO! I JUST FORGOT TO PUT A SUBJECT ON THAT EMAIL!” So the message went out with the incredibly enticing “New Message” as the subject.

Based on all the email marketing strategies I’ve read this was sure to spell certain death to the message. I expected to quickly be banned by Yahoo and Google for being an idiot and to receive a flood of derision from our customers. Did I mention that I misspelled “giveaway?”

Instead, the message is already the most opened message in several weeks and also has one of the highest click through rates in months.

I think from now on I may just put vague random subject lines on emails. It seems to work about as well as actual planning.

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