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New Mother Teresa Book: Where There is Love

Where There is Love, There is God by Mother Teresa

Where There is Love, There is God by Mother Teresa

Announcing a brand new book, featuring never-before-published writings of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa, one of the most beloved and inspiring Catholic figures in our modern era. The publication of the new book coincides with the celebration of the centenary of her birth – on August 26.

“The most beautiful thing in the world is to love one another as God loves each one of us. And it is for this purpose that we are in the world.”- Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa’s relationship with God and her commitment to those she served – the poorest of the poor – is powerfully explored, in her own words, in this new book.

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“Somebody asked me, ‘But how is it that – that you go about like that? How is it that you are always smiling?’ I said ‘But why did Jesus make himself Bread of Life? He came to me this morning for that reason, to be my strength, my life, my love, my joy, and He is yours.” – Mother Teresa

“Say often to Jesus – ‘Jesus I love you for all those who do not love you.”

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