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You are Known by the Company You Keep

by Ian on June 22, 2010

While reading an interesting article by John Allen over at the National Catholic Reporter, I noticed a large banner at the top asking for donations to keep independent Catholic journalism alive.

As an extra trust boost, they quote some quality Catholic sources praising their site. These include the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Nation and Salon.

National Catholic Report Endorsements

If I was an orthodox Catholic publication soliciting funds from like-minded Catholics I would have endorsements from orthodox Catholic publications and people. Obviously, the NCR thinks its readers put their trust in something else.

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Sensus Fidei June 22, 2010 at 2:11 pm

If I WERE an orthodox Catholic publication, I’d be mortified to read the comments of those few squeaky unhinged Catholics. Based on their outrage that a mother’s life was saved while her 11 week unviable pre-born couldn’t have been, it’s clear these extremists are disinterested, incapable or not disposed to utilizing faith in conjunction with common sense, reason, logic and WWJD ministry.

And if Bishops are known by the company they keep, then Lazarus and the Rich Man is realized whenever a crozier and mitre are recycled.


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