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Still Think Buying From China Is A Good Idea?

by Ian on January 12, 2010

For those of you who thought that the draconian CPSIA law was actually going to keep your children safe, I've got news for you. Manufacturers in China, that paragon of human rights and product safety, have decided that since one poisonous substance has been banned for product use, they'll just substitute another worse metal instead - one that hasn't been specifically banned.

Last week it was discovered that products from China, while now lead free, are being produced with Cadmium, a heavy metal, as a substitute.

The issue here is one of morality. Lead was banned because it is a toxin. Honest people would say "What non-toxic substance can I use instead?" Some manufacturers in China instead said "That cheap toxin has been banned. What other cheap metal, toxic or not, can we replace it with?"

If you think that your Catholic products are safe, think again. Many statues, night lights, metal jewelry items and even crucifixes come from China. Here at Aquinas and More we have always been committed to selling high-quality products from countries that aren't imprisoning bishops and priests, approving of forced abortions and dumping toxic substances into the products they make that is why you won't find any products from China on our shelves. Ask your local Catholic store owner if he is aware of the hazards of Chinese products and if he thinks that monetarily supporting a country like that is a good thing.

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Fran January 13, 2010 at 7:59 am

The same government that wants to keep us safe from ourselves can’t keep us safe from the junk that crosses into our country on big container ships with tons of toxic waste. All those CPSIA inspectors must be too busy putting American Mom-and-Pop-businesses (most of which probably don’t have access to lead and cadmium) out of work to worry about the big guys from across the pond.


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