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Announcing An Exciting New Catholic Audio Book Selection at Aquinas and More

A wonderful new line of reasonably priced Catholic audio books has just hit the market.

For years we have had many requests for more Catholic books available in large print or in an audio format.  Its been frustrating because very few titles are available in large print and the audio offerings have been slim. Most of the audio books have been rather expensive too.

As our population ages there is a need to meet the demands of people who have vision impairments. Many of us have seen the rapid degradation of the quality of most radio and TV programs. Its becoming more and more difficult to watch or listen to either without being offended or appalled. More and more customers have been asking us for audio books, especially as a faith-building listening alternative.

As a result, we are very excited to be able to offer our customers a new, larger selection of wonderful Catholic audio books at truly reasonable prices. A new company called Catholic Audio has done a superb job with the new products and will be releasing many more in the coming months. Most of the audio books are either $14.95 or $18.95 - much less than the previous offerings which have been in the $24.95 to $29.95 price range. The audio quality is very good on this new line and we recommend it without reservation.

Catholic Audio has released some of the greatest Catholic classics on audio book such as True Devotion to Mary, On Loving God, Interior Castle, Story of a Soul and many more.

Next week we are expecting 6 exciting new titles to arrive in stock!

Audio books are ideal to take with you to listen to while driving - they're especially good for long commutes or just long, monotonous drives - and, of course, they are a god-send for those with vision problems. The publisher has numerous new titles in the works, so keep watching our website for the latest Catholic audio books - we'll feature them as soon as they become available.

You can browse our entire Catholic audio book selection right here.

We regularly search for new, faithfully Catholic products to offer to our customers and, as we have always said, Good Faith is guaranteed at Aquinas and More!

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Mike Weddle
Mike Weddle

I am increasingly relying on audio books, partly because I drive a lot for work and partly because my eyes tire quickly anymore. I have looked for sources of Christian audio and have found some at the web site of that name. I have been using the http://www.ccel.org/ site at Calvin College for a source too. Many books available for download, some free text, some in mp3 format. This helps but not a great deal of Catholic literature available. I would be willing, if you are, to record audio of books of public domain for your site. These are, as you say, a valuable resource for the impaired or blind.

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