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Your Money is Going to China. How Do You Feel About That?

We’re one of the few Catholic retailers who refuse to carry and sell items that are made in China. Does it matter to you where your money goes and what it ultimately supports? As a Catholic, it should matter quite a great deal to you. As with all things we do, we must consider the consequences of our actions.

Most cheap statues and rosaries, the awful plastic St. Joseph home-selling kit, virtually all plush toys, many children’s books (how ironic!) and so many more items are made in China. Be sure to check the label and ask the retailer where the item you are interested in comes from. Ask them why they are trading in Chinese goods. The answer may surprise you. It’s been difficult and costly for us to comb through thousands of products to make sure we don’t carry anything from China, but it is worth it. We’re not in Catholic retailing just to make money – we’re here to provide authentically Catholic products and to build up the Catholic faith – yours and ours.
We regularly post articles about the ongoing Chinese persecution of Catholics and the horrific crimes against the dignity of human life that seemingly never end. Read more here. You’ll be shocked at the magnitude and you’ll question the moral commitment of a Catholic retailer who trades in Chinese products, just to make a few extra dollars.
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Your Money is Going to China. How Do You Feel About That?

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