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Great Contest From Wee Believers

This email provides you with the basic information you will need to participate in a great contest sponsored by Wee Believers®, a brand new Catholic toy company with a focus on early childhood products.

We would love to include the help of our Catholic community in developing the “background story” for the Wee Believers® family which includes a Dad, Mom and four great kids.

One can either enter as a classroom, or as a family working together to provide the inspiration for the lives of the Wee Believers Family Tree. Great prizes are offered for your efforts.

Follow this link http://www.maximusmg.com/WeeBelievers/Contest.htm to download informational items :

• a small poster to print out and distribute to teachers and/or parents
• inserts (both color and b/w) for one of the products in the toy line called “My Mass Kit.” (Consider placing this in student send-home packets as “My Mass Kit” would make a unique and special gift for First Communicants.)

For the actual entry form and additional details on the contest, please follow this link to go to the Wee Believers® contest page: http://weebelievers.com/index.php/contest

I am available to answer any additional questions that you might have.

Thank You and we hope you’re one of the blessed winners!

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