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Not The Black Friday I Was Looking For

We have been working on a major site upgrade for longer than I care to think about and, wisely or not, decided to roll it out ver early on Friday morning to cause as little disruption to our company as possible.

The upgrade was finished by 9am but the site kept slowing down and crashing. So instead of going back home to enjoy the day off I spent the whole day pouring through code that I thought must be the cause of the problem. I was able to find a few inefficiencies in our code but each time I fixed one the site would be fine for about two minutes and then crash again.

It turns out that we were the victims of a malicious denial-of-service attack which basically means that someone on the internet had one or more computers making so many requests for web pages from our site that it couldn’t handle the load. We weren’t able to block out all the attacks until around midnight which meant that for almost all of “Black Friday” our site was inaccessible.

I apologize for the disappointment and frustration that this may have caused you and hope you will give us another chance. Our Thanksgiving sale is still going on and if you haven’t ordered your Magnificat Advent Companion yet, they are 35% off today, while supplies last.

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