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St. Pio – Our Model for the Struggle Against Modern Evil

Today is the feast of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, our beloved Padre Pio.

In light of the recent exhumation of Padre Pio, St. Pio of Pietrelcina, and as the Church celebrates his feast day September 23, we recall the life of this miraculous saint – his tireless battles against evil and sin, and his unshakable devotion to God.

St. Pio was born to humble beginnings in 1887 to a Southern Italian farm family in Pietrelcina; given the name Francesco Forgione, he was one of 8 children – three of whom would die young. The family was not rich by any means, but young Francesco’s home life was rich in love and faith. There was no excess, but Padre Pio’s mother, Maria, managed the household well and the family was always well cared for and well fed, and she was generous in giving fruits from the farm to the poorer families. The family prayed the rosary together at night, and from an early age Francesco displayed deep appreciation for his faith. He wept when he heard a blasphemy once at the age of 5, upset at seeing God insulted, and as he grew he had an uncompromising attitude towards sin and devoutly attended Mass. Also as a child, he began to have visions, both heavenly and beautiful, and also frightening and ugly. As a child, he didn’t realize that these phenomena did not happen to everyone, but they led him at an early to age to see the clear choice between God and the reality of the devil, and to choose God always.

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