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The Dazzle of the Olympics…

…seems to have affected a lot of people, including The One, Barrack Obama, who seems to think that the Chinese transportation infrastructure is far superior to the U.S.A.’s. I guess that as long as you only look at the things in Beijing upgraded for the Olympics he may have a point but I’m sure he wouldn’t enjoy the dirt roads and lack of basic water supplies in other parts of the country.

The Olympics also temporarily drowned out the ongoing persecution of Christians, political protestors and Tibet. I did notice a few news reports of people getting arrested during the festivities and today comes news that 74-year-old Catholic Bishop Julius Jia Zhiguo has been arrested for the twelfth time in four years. His current whearabouts are unknown. It is especially strange that he would be arrested since he has been under house arrest since 2007 so it isn’t likely he got himself into more trouble during that time.

Again, I have to ask: Why are you buying Catholic products from a country that has a governmental policy of religious persecution?

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