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When Cajun Came to Town

Out of the blue a few days ago we received a call from the manager of the Cajun band, L'Angelus (their dad) asking if we would be interested in having the band play at the store when they passed through in a couple of days. Not knowing what to make of the request, we went to their website and listened to some of their songs. It turns out that these four young adults, the oldest in a family of eight, are very talented, enthusiastic Catholics. They tour around Louisiana and other places like the Wyoming Bluegrass festival which is where they were before they came to Colorado Springs.

So, we cleared out the front of the store, invited them in and were treated to an hour long show featuring great music that made you want to get a partner and dance. Among the songs were the Hail Mary sung in French and a song called the "St. Cecilia Waltz" about an immigrant from Ireland looking forward to seeing his family again.

A couple of things really impressed me about the group. First, they know how to sing and play. They didn't use mikes and just had a single speaker for the electric guitar and they sounded like they were in a recording studio. Second, they have an enthusiastic, genuine love of the Faith.

Showing just how small Catholic circles are, they know our friends who run Our Father's Will and just recently played the wedding reception for a couple from the University of Dallas and Paige, one of the band members, is a regular shopper in our online store.

Here are a couple of pictures from the show:

Stephen, Paige and Katie.

Their brother isn't in the pictures because he didn't haul in the drum set.

They may be coming to the Catholic Marketing Show in Somerset, where I am now. I hope they can make it. We are planning on carrying their cd and I'm sure a lot of other stores will be interested as well.

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I love L'Angelus! They'll be playing in Bowie, MD, at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church's Labor Day festival Sept. 1. I'll be there! Do take time to check out this wonderful, talented family band. You'll be glad you did!


Hello, I own a Catholic store in St. Paul, MN and I came across this band at the CMN show. I've listened to a lot of music in my time and have been to a lot of live shows (especially in my younger fallen away days) and these guys are fantastic. I was especially moved when they sat in with Matt Maher. Very professional! I will be carrying their CD in my store.


I agree. I have been playing their CD while I work in the kitchen and it helps me keep pace with the demands for cooking and feeding 6 beautiful children whose parents are on the east coast for the CMN show...:) I hope those same parents see Katie, Steve, Paige and John there and have the privilege of hearing them perform again. Ca C'est Bon!


I was there. It was awesome. These kids deserve MUCH more exposure. I'd love to see them again soon.


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