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The problems Aquinas and More had with Catholic Online three years ago have been addressed so we have removed this post.

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Writing the Wrongs
Writing the Wrongs

Editor Note: Several weeks ago we were contacted by Catholic Online asking us if we would take down old posts about their business practices because they changed management. They also told us that they were working to be acquired by or overseen by a specific religious order. I asked if Michael Galloway was still in charge and was told he was out of the picture. I also checked with the religious order that they had said was going to be overseeing the site. The order had no idea what I was talking about. This isn't to say that such oversight isn't in the works, but it does raise questions. Two weeks ago I called back Catholic Online and said that once they were fully under the oversight of this religious order I would be happy to take down the old posts and start working with them again. I asked if they could provide further details about the religious order since when I contacted the order no one was aware of any such agreement. I was told by the Catholic Online representative that he would have to check with Michael (the former owner who is supposedly out of the picture) to see what further details they could supply. I am still waiting for a reply. Until then, I present you with the anonymous message below that has now been sent to us twice. An interesting, completely unrelated side note: the ip address used by this commenter is the same as one used by a certain Mark Ino to defend Catholic.org in the past. I'm sure there isn't any connection. I used to work with Catholic Online doing SEO -- their Google ranking alone is number one for keywords like Catholic, Catholic Church, Catholic Saints -- they also have the largest database of saints and angels on the planet -- no wonder you are so jealous and intimidated. (I am the 4th top web 2.0 architect in the country -- and your site is absolute bottom of the barrel, high school-level trash) I feel they are definately the bigger person here for posting your nonsence about your tiny little place in life (on their PRwire billboard), meanwhile you have old (negative) news lingering on your site indefinately -- (even the eyewitness news links are no longer active as the case has been squashed and satisfied!) Here, since you seem to eat from the trashcan of your (enemy) -- maybe posting these links back on your site will generate yet more of your traffic to improve your 100,000 or so (and as you know, COL has almost 3 Million in monthly Catholic following) Here are links to your articles you continually post on Catholic.org: http://www.catholic.org/prwire/headline.php?ID=8249 and http://www.catholic.org/prwire/headline.php?ID=5316

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