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We've Moved!

After having our blog hosted by WordPress for the past two years we have finally moved out on our own. Having it hosted was a very easy way to get started blogging but there were a lot of restrictions on what kind of additions you could make to the blog.

The most important changes we have made with the new blog are a signup form so you can get our blog posts in your email box if you don't check the site regularly. We have also added links to the bottom of every post so you can bookmark them at your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, de.licio.us and digg. We also added a list of buttons in the side bar so you can subscribe to our blog in your favorite feed reader. Finally, there is a link to subscribe to the Aquinas and More newsletter, that's the regular newsletter from our store. On the page you will also find a whole bunch of other newsletters that we send out like our yearly St. Joseph Guide reminders and our Catholic Church Supply newsletter.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

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Peace be with you. I am a Catholic blog writer. I am writing in case you would be interested in incorporating a Wordpress plugin that I have written, the "Catholic Reference Extension", into your blog. The CRE "activates" Scripture and Catechism references, making them show Catholic Bible passages and Catechism paragraphs in a non-intrusive fashion. It works automatically, with no extra effort on the blogger's part. References in old posts are automatically activated, as well as those in new posts. To see what it looks like in action, visit http://blog.purepistos.net/index.php/cre/ . God bless you in your endeavours. YiC; Pistos

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